Scott Broady

Scott brings a fresh perspective to every client he works with. As a marketer turned category designer, his mission is to be the compass that guides entrepreneurs and CEOs to find their north star and create legendary businesses.

He started his career as a freelance journalist -- an old school storyteller. He then cut his teeth writing marketing copy for a big old tech company. In 2000 he was lured to a software startup with the illusion of being able to retire at age 30. But after the tech bubble burst, the ping-pong tables and free cappuccinos quickly disappeared. That’s when the shit got real.

In 2004, he had the audacity to launch Keystone Marketing and created a marketing & sales alignment system that he knew small business owners needed. The Blackbelt Marketing System changed the way companies thought about sales & marketing and it even helped one of his clients design a new category within the oncology clinical research industry.

Depending on the challenge he's facing, Scott can choose from an arsenal of tools in his shed. Knowing which tool to use is a super power that has taken him years to develop. It's all about keeping those tools in order, making sure the blades are sharp, that each gear is delicately calibrated to achieve an interlocking mechanism of Swiss-like design. It’s how he is able to connect the dots in different ways, thereby bringing new perspectives about how the future of your company will unfold.

He's had a lifelong love affair with sports, including hockey, rugby, and now that he's older, touch football. He has raced in triathlons, played in The Montreal Forum, gone scuba-diving in Thailand, and once travelled across 30 states in a winnebago. He just might be the 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World. In 2012 he co-founded an annual Alzheimer’s fundraising gala called A Night To Remember, in honour of his father who passed away after a sixteen year journey with the disease.