Kevin Maney

Sensity Saw the Light with Category Design

April 20, 2017 Kevin Maney

Category design helped upstart Sensity Systems redefine itself from an also-ran smart lighting company into a category leader that was acquired in 2016 by Verizon.Sensity started on a category-creation path after serial entrepreneur Hugh Martin took over what was then a tiny company making LED...

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Pricing power of a Category King

March 14, 2017 Kevin Maney

While researching the book Play Bigger, my co-authors and I found that category kings are an enormous force. These kings – companies that define a new business category and then develop it and dominate it over time – tend to take three-fourths or more of the profits and market value of the entire...

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Category Creation Dominates

February 8, 2017 Kevin Maney

I wrote the Newsweek article below last year around the time we launched the book. Pay note to the graphic below, how it resonates to people's feelings -- their emotions. That's what category kings do.

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